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JaGee Ventures invests in a limited number of developing businesses, investing and building for the future.


JaGee Holdings, LLP

JaGee Ventures

JaGee Ventures, Inc., is the venture capital arm of JaGee Holdings, LLP. Ventures makes a small number of limited investments in second stage companies with proven management and validated concepts. Its focus is on new and improved models that address changing trends in the marketplace.

Current Investments include:

NationWideByOwner, Inc. – a leading provider of residential for-sale-by-owner services with state-of-the-art web technology and a unique, proprietary call capture system for tracking interested and potential buyers. NWBO is in the vanguard of low-cost, highly efficient DIY residential sales programs and also offers a highly competent and comprehensive mortgage lending source to prospective buyers. www.nwbo.com

Kanza Energy, LLC – will be a provider of bio-diesel fuel – made from locally sourced agricultural products – to diesel petroleum distributors in western Kansas and Colorado. Kanza Energy has begun construction on a highly efficient bio-diesel plant capable of producing 10-12 million gallons of fuel per year. Bio-diesel which can be mixed, in quantities ranging from 5% to 80% with petro-diesel, runs in existing diesel engines. It is economical and environmentally superior to pure diesel. Kanza Energy, LLC, is part of the Goodland Energy Center project in Goodland, Kansas.

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